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On Food

I guess I have to admit food may be a greater passion for me than gardening, and the passion and concepts are related to gardening. This requires some explanation. When I say 'food', I refer to the product itself as well as, and of equal or greater importance, food production and food distribution, food consumption habits and eating habits.

To put it briefly, it's important to me to honor specific values...

  1. Food is a fundamental human need - although it may sound 'mystical', we have a spiritual connection with the food we consume
  2. Purchase and eat whole food - Not from Whole Foods Market - food that is as close to the earth, it's origin, as possible
  3. Organic when affordable and available
  4. Organic chicken and other poultry products
  5. Local food products when available - opt for local over variety if reasonable
  6. Minimal to no prepared foods

Since the subject of food could make a novel, you can read more about my ideas if so inclined.
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