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On Cooking

Where gardening is a most exciting pass-time, cooking is a relaxing one. There is nothing more soothing at the end of a day than putting together a simple meal of healthy foods. Some days it's nice to do one of those all-day-long stews that make the house smell heavenly, other days just the act of working through the ingredients and presenting a finished dish is enough to relax me and remind me what great inherent beauty is found in food.

Good food doesn't require fancy contortions or complexities to be incredibly good and lovely - just simple, genuine companions. I love the absolute beauty of simple foods. I love eating out or in, but when it comes to cooking, I'm always looking for new ways to present a primary ingredient in the simplest, most flavorful way. I can't imagine not having the garden, since the best flavors come from the freshest, best quality food.

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