Friends Who Have Moved On

Kathy, mother. It's such a shame your time ended too soon. You had much more to give and your loss is deeply felt. We all have you on our minds...More→

Foxy came to us as a foster baby, but Frank would never let her go back for adoption. Remember back when we had an Acapulco restaurant in Santa Rosa? It was a frequent dinner spot for us - relatively quick and easy. One evening when we crossed the street to our car, we heard a kitten...More→

Sam was brought to the shelter by people who had discovered a mother cat with kittens in their barn at the same time their Siamese female had birthed an unwanted litter of kittens. More→

Grace was the last of her siblings to leave us. She was a much more complicated cat and it's difficult to describe her in the simple terms I was able to use for them. Grace, like George, was very clever. If I did anything to annoy her, she'd find a way to punish me. She was also a very thoughtful girl. You could almost see the wheels turning when you looked at her. More→

George, our boy who was lost for 13 years, was found and returned to us because of his Avid microchip. This was a new media sensation! More→

Klaus was the happiest cat on the planet! Not as often in the last months, but certainly throughout his life he emanated joy and pleasure to the humans in his life. Klaus started out as the runt of the litter. Ira's page tells how we came to share our lives with them. From the first, when we'd go into the bathroom where they lived with mom, Klaus would tumble out of the nest and run over to us and wail. More→

Ira loved to play, but when we would play as a group, he would grab the toy and not be willing to let go. This made the playing a little tough. We had to have two different toys so we could get one back while he grabbed another. He also loved catnip. He would go out into the garden where we have many catnip plants, and make his choice then plop down on top of it. If you held out a leaf to him, he'd rub his cheeks and ears fiercely on your hand, and then nibble the leaf. He used to go over to Frank's office in the evening and when he was ready for attention, he'd hop up on the desk, walk in front of the computer monitor and then ultimately plop down on top of the keyboard. More→

Virginia and I would talk at length about our experiences and we often found that even at 40+ years difference in age, we had some remarkably common ground. It is so precious to find someone who understands what you say because they too lived it, not just because they understand the words. She didn't quite fit the molds. She was a unique woman and she found a way to make that uniqueness her strength. She was able to use her insight, her special way of looking at life, to help other people find their way. She always seemed to have just the right amount of advice blended with just the right amount of concern and commiseration to make her friends feel blessed...More→

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