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On Life

I was looking at an old recipe book one day, trying to decide whether or not it was something worth keeping in my collection. My focus was on the recipes which were post WWII and very typical of the period. Although these are sometimes very funny, I tend to not keep such things. I already have a few in my collection, and these are not as desirable to me as older or newer recipes. As I started to toss the book into the recycle bin, I noticed it had clippings inside the front and back covers. I read them, and I discovered My Symphony written by William Henry Channing (1810-1884). You may read it and think it's idealistic, but without ideals, little of value is ever created.

While life is immense, I would say the paradigm we adopt can be either limiting or empowering. What Channing wrote in this poem is an idealized description of a method for establishing values and for patterning behavior. If my goals are established too low, I'll surely never become who I want to be. I'd prefer to be forced to reach high and be grateful for whatever I am able to achieve.

I am very blessed to have the life I do. It is very full, although I continually wish there were more time for those heart-to-hearts with friends and family that are so elusive. Those you connect with in life and where that takes you is an adventure of discovery and delight.

Who are You?

Now you know who I am...tell me, who are you?

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