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On The Garden

I would say gardening is one of my most exciting passtimes. There are so many moments of pure astonishment when you can express your creativity in a garden. I love to create spaces that evoke sensuous pleasure. It's such a changing, living thing. What can be more gratifying than going out in early spring to find your old friends waking from their hybernation over the cold winter. It is so comforting but it's also joyful. Then there are the plants that just happen to turn up for the first time - whether from birds dropping seeds or stems, or the wind blowing them there. That is always an amazing adventure. And of course, the summer vegetables - Could there be a more fulfilling end to a day than going out to gather your dinner from your very own garden? I can't imagine anything better.

I don't grow many of today's typical cutting flowers; I lean toward old-fashioned memories such as lilacs, hydrangeas, iris (although I really need to help mine - they're looking sad the last couple of years), polyantha roses, day lilies, fuschias, begonias, and cala lilies. I seldom cut flowers to bring inside because I think they look best in the garden.

My passion in the garden is edible plants. Citrus is so happy in this garden, we always have masses of fruit on the orange tree. The lemons are so prolific, I can't ever give enough away. The lime is coming into it's own again after being replanted from a pot into the garden a couple of years ago. All the fruit trees are beautiful and that cherry tree is producing tons of fruit. Each spring I plant all my summer vegetables; heirloom tomatoes, peppers, annual herbs and squash, beans and peas - I guess from the list, you can see what we eat during late spring and summer. And then there are the perennial herbs; thyme, rosemary, oregano, parsley (perennial in my garden).

Gardening is a family passion; my mother spends what spare time she has in hers, my grandmothers both had most beautiful flowers that they tended and loved. Though I have more of a passion for edibles I'll never forget the pungent beauty of the Iris scent in grandma's garden. There is one spot in my back garden where my grandmother, Ella comes to visit with me on occasion. She passed away in 2001, but has found a place to meet me in my garden.

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