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On Music

When we think of music, we tend to think of orchestrated or composed sounds, using conventional musical instruments or devices designed to present or create sound effects. The more I think of music, the more I can include other sounds in my broader definition. For example, there's a Northern Mockingbird who wakes me some mornings with his chatter. The variety of sounds he makes in his dialog with other birds and with me as I walk in the garden is entertaining and certainly musical. I've also got a terrific fondness for the buzzing sounds of the insects that are polinating the plants in my garden. What an amazing process and how precious these creatures are to me who cause my flowers to bloom and fruits and vegetables to grow. Then there are cat purrs. I don't know if there is a sound quite so comforting and peaceful as that. And did you ever consider how unique each cat purr sounds?

As for the more conventional types of music, I love Blues. It strengthens my spirit and feeds my soul. There is something about it that mimics, in both the physical sensation and the sound, the feeling of my heart (or soul) under emotional circumstances. It almost always takes me 'somewhere'.

When I was very young, I thought classical was terrific with all the structure and height and depth, but I really don't enjoy it any longer. Life is just not structured and while I can understand how people need the strength of the classical style of music, it doesn't touch me the same way any longer. Most music that I hear playing, I tend to simply tune out - it becomes like white noise to me. There are some styles that disturb me as well - I can't tune them out because there is something annoying about them. These are most often styles where there is a continual repetitive aspect to the pieces.

For me, contrary to many music fans, I want music to mold itself to my spirit; to lay itself around me and envelope whatever is happening in my world. I want to connect with the melodies and lyrics and re-experience my life. I don't want an escape, but a validation or reflection of my feelings.

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