"Oh, hey! It's me, Theodore. I'm also called TR cause I was named after some old guy with glasses and a moustache. Can you believe that?! Apparently my markings reminded my peeps of him, though I really can't see it myself."

"I was a foster kitten and when I first got here, I made it my mission to be sure they fell so hard for me, they wouldn't want to give me back. Ha! It worked just as I planned."

"Now I have this huge house with a big stairway I get to run up and down as much as I want. I have 'billions' of toys, a giant scratching post in the bedroom and a terrific cat condo in the living room. Oh, and a super cushy, sherpa blanket all to myself. That makes me purr and nuzzle my nose into it while I knead and pretend I'm still a baby. It's so awesome!"

A note from TR's peeps Theodore makes us laugh, makes us melt and reminds us how wonderful it is to be so full of life! If we hadn't been foster parents, we'd never have met him, and that would have been a tragedy. He's adorable, and we adore him. Theodore the adorable!